Memorable Insights from Sholay into Microfinance in India

Date:7th March 2019

Time: 3-4 PM IST


Titus Mathew

Titus Mathew

Managing Partner at Market and EcoSystem Advisory

Titus' focus has been on expanding inclusion, developing and building strong sustainable markets. As Executive Director of Sa-Dhan he focused on developing industry data for and conducting analytics leading to understanding operating models and cost structures. He is keenly interested in Microfinance, Banking and Markets and has been analysing the comparative advantages of institutions, and drilling down on data of financial institutions working towards financial inclusion; examining the effect of new technology on service delivery and reach, and strengthening strategies to focus on creative solutions enabling outreach and inclusion.

Titus has been on several Committees – Prime Minister's Council on Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Advisory Board Member of NABARD on Microfinance Development and Equity Fund, Advisory Board Member of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authorrity, Advisory Committee Member, Incubation Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Ambedkar University, Delhi.

  • Start Date: Thursday, 07 March 2019
  • End Date: Thursday, 07 March 2019

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