The Indian School of Development Management (ISDM) is a pioneering institution established to develop the discipline of Development Management. The school aims to facilitate the creation of a cadre of professional leaders and managers for the development sector. These professional leaders and managers will make a significant difference to the impact, scale and sustainability of organizations working for the betterment of society and especially improving the quality of life of the underserved.

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Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership

The Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership is intended to be a course that helps prospective students to advance through the complexity and dynamic nature of the environment by equipping them with knowledge, perspectives, attitudes and skills.


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There is a lot of diversity in the batch and multiple spaces created to polish my edges to become a better person. It is giving me validation for the way I see myself in the future and enabling a solid structure for me to work in the development sector. I am enjoying expanding my comfort zone!
Akshay Kumaria (PGP’2017-18)
24 January 2018

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