Creativity and Complexity in Development Management

Suparna Diwakar, Founder ISDM

Bhanumati is in a meeting with a Head Master in a school in Hassan District. The Head Master shares his experience of several years – the attendance of parents in Parent-Teacher meetings has been very disappointing. “They are just not interested, Madam! They do not pay any attention to their children. And they are illiterate so they do not understand what is going on in the school.”

Need for Building a Collaborative Ecosystem in the Development Sector

Gaurav Shah, Founder ISDM

Collaboration, not competition, is the emerging philosophy in the social development sector. However, given the celebration (and glorification) of the benefits of competition specially from the corporate sector and the competitive culture imbibed in us by our schooling system, it becomes an almost impossible task to switch tracks to a different life philosophy in mind and in practice. 

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