The Indian School of Development Management aims to facilitate the creation of a cadre of leaders and professional managers for the development sector who will make a significant difference to the impact, scale and sustainability of organisations working for the betterment of society. Our Post-Graduate Programme is a 'practitioners' programme. It is carefully designed to meet the critical needs of organisations in the development sector. The programme ensures that our students develop the ability and comfort to straddle the entire spectrum of an organisation from funding to field practice.

At ISDM, we continuously engage with potential employer/organisations that recognise the value of proficiency in Development Management. These organisations are involved in our curriculum development process from the early stages. This helps us to understand their needs and to dovetail student experience to meet them.

Regular interactions, both formal and informal, with these organisations helps ISDM to constantly share theory and practice in Development Management. Dialogues on Development Management, Seminars and Workshops, as well as Conferences at ISDM provide opportunities for the discourse on Development Management to become wider, and build the demand for competence in this domain. 

In our efforts related to placement of our students, we are guided by our well renowned and respected faculty and advisory board. 

There are a myriad of organisations in the development sector, varied in size as well as focus - structurally, geographically, thematically, and in strategic approach. Students would have access to a range of unique and diverse career opportunities. Opportunities in the for-profit and not-for-profit, regional, national or international organisations, thematic areas like health, education, water, sanitation, gender etc., or in research and advocacy, would be available to students. ISDM's collaborations and partnerships with a wide range of such organisations would ensure that students can be placed to make a meaningful contribution to the space.


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