Software Engineer, Wipro

Education: B.E. ECE
City: Chennai

Vishwa is a true humanitarian, who has done a lot for his fellow human beings, even at such a young age. His experiences during the Chennai floods taught him to value even the smallest thing in life and the right way to render help in difficult situations.
He runs a Robotics Institute for kids along with his job at Wipro. At the Institute, the kids are given hands on learning and everything is demonstrated practically. He is proud to be of inspiration to the kids at the center, and he wishes that he can reach underprivileged students as well and contribute in making changes to the education system in our country. 
At Wipro, he was awarded with a 5 star rating in his first year itself. His branch school, Otomatiks Ambattur, was awarded Best Branch from Otomatiks for the year 2016-17. Also, he has won many other accolades during his college years in both academic and extra-curricular activities.

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