Project Officer, Lend A Hand India

Education: B.Com.
City: Pune

Sumit has risen through all the challenges of his life and identified his true calling. After finishing 10th Std., he started working part time in a coaching center and took up a lot of responsibilities including teaching and counselling students from 10th grade. Based upon his experience, he strongly feels that motivation and guidance are two very important things in a growing child’s life. He then completed his graduation through distance mode,  working alongside in a BPO so that he could support his family.
During these years, he came across with his mentors and guides who had a lifelong influence on him and motivated him to work towards youth development. Coming into contact with them, cemented his belief that it is important to have invested stakeholders for a child to receive a great education.
Further, his 2 years as a TFI Fellow made him realize how a teacher can bring about change in the life of several students. One of his favorite parts in the design of TFI is identifying student interests and informing them about pathways to opportunities from the very beginning.
His journey with Teach For India changed his self-belief and he realized his own leadership capacity to make a difference in the life of youth of our country. He has continued his efforts by working with training, CSR and non-profit organizations focused on vocational training of youth.

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