Recruitment Lead, Teach for India

Education: B. Tech. 
City: Jamshedpur

Being the change is the motto of Nitisha’s life and she has always been the person who wants to do something different. She has been involved in various volunteer activities throughout college and even after she started working with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Systems engineer. Her experiences made her delve into diverse areas that made her feel connected to the desire of doing something meaningful for the society. Education was one area she felt strongly about and therefore, decided to become part of Teach for India. TFI became the platform for her to understand the problem of educational inequity in a broader context. She worked with multiple stakeholders towards understanding the need for more people to be aware of the issues strangling the society and thus, devising solutions. The scope of her work has made her understand the development sector in a new light, where you need to balance professionalism with values, deliverables with empathy and success with humility.


She totally values and acknowledges the power of human potential and building relationships in bringing about social change.

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