Lead, iDiscover

Education: B. Tech. 
City: New Delhi 

Lavish set on to the path of self-awareness when he started exploring the Enneagram tool 3 years ago at iDiscover. With his interest and aspiration in people development, he got involved in the core functions of the organization and started counselling college students. This experience was an eye-opener for him and he worked on his limitations, that resulted in him realizing a peaceful place in himself which he believes otherwise would have disappeared in today’s world. His personal values of Creativity, Empathy & Responsibility were strengthened and his previous experiences of giving coaching classes to needy students, helping low-income businessmen etc. were validated through this journey.


He also volunteered very actively with Creatnet Education, where he co-facilitated an assessment center for 6 days and supported Mentor Teacher Leadership Training conducted for 80 MT’s by the organization.

He was also involved in selection and training of summer interns to support self-assessment for a Leadership Development Program. All these experiences have given him a chance to become acquainted with the essentials of human psychology, responsive behavior and values and understanding peoples’ fears and motivations.

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