Associate Engineer, RBEI Pvt. Ltd

Education: B. Tech.
City: Chennai

Roopesh has values of service and contributing in other’s lives engrained in him through his upbringing. His parents were always involved in activities such as sponsoring underprivileged kids and teaching them. During his time at Amrita University, he came across a professor who had a vision to support students from nearby villages in their education. He could connect with this mission and quickly put together a team of like-minded volunteers. This team along with the professor made frequent visits to the villages and were able to monitor the progress of the students over a year. This turned out to be an enriching experience for him in building and managing a social enterprise.


During his time at Bosch, he was part of the CSR team and organized a day long program for children from a nearby orphanage to visit a science museum. The curiosity of these children to learn new things was very inspiring for him and his long-term vision is to develop a social enterprise for supporting education through technology.

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