Associate Consultant, Samhita Social Ventures

Education – BBA
City – Mumbai
Drashti has always dreamt of living a life that would have an impact on many other lives. Her quest for bringing about a change in the society, started off at an early age when she was actively donating and teaching a bunch of children from the nearby slum community. In college, she was an active member of the Social Responsibility Forum and worked relentlessly as Head of Marketing for the club for 3 years. She also co-started an initiative called, Annadhan, which strives to eradicate hunger by providing excess food from the weddings and homes to the needy.
During the Young India Fellowship (YIF), she was exposed to different subjects that expanded her intellectual horizons and enabled her to see situations from several different perspectives. She got the opportunity to work with a diverse team in a school in a semi-rural town of Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, where she learnt the importance of implementing sustainable solutions for a lasting impact and how context plays an integral role in designing such solutions.
At Samhita Social Ventures, on-ground research and filed work experience has enabled her to understand the significance of community involvement in ensuring impact to any intervention. She has learnt to identify with the community and its people and create a balance in the power dynamics.

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