Digital Marketing Executive, Mirum India

Education – B.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)
City – Palakkad (Kerala)
Radhika feels very strongly about the issue of Mental Health in India and that there is so much that needs to be done. Through her personal experiences and observing life around her, she recognizes the urgency as there is an alarming rise in mental health issues and they are taking a toll on everything we do and experience in our day to day lives. There is dire need to shatter stigma, provide mental health assessment, counseling and therapy and even explore alternative therapies like art and music. She believes that nobody should have to fight their battles alone.
But she knows that while the motive comes from the heart the implementation should come from the head. A proper strategy needs to be in place to chase the goal effectively. She was part of a venture called "Accio Health" which helped her get useful insights into the mental health field and meet like-minded people. 

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