School Transformation Lead, Mantra Social Services

Education – M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
City - Hyderabad
 For Veda, excellence and integrity are the core values of life and not just words and she tries to live them every day. She started her career as a software engineer but knew that her path lied somewhere else. She was an active member of NSS during college and also interned with “Waste Warriors” in Corbett National Park on waste management in surrounding villages and communities.  Adding to this, her volunteering experience with ‘’Make A Difference” made her realize that the development sector was worth making a life-altering change, for the sense of fulfillment and meaning it offered.
She went ahead and joined the Teach for India Fellowship and there has been no looking back since then. The development sector has exposed her to the perceptions she has about herself and the society. It has also enabled her to question her biases through a constant process of self-reflection. As a teacher at 3.2.1. Education Foundation, she has learnt that the purpose of education is to understand self, life and others. She feels she has evolved into a better person and would like to continue working and growing in this space.

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