Manager, Satin Creditcare Network Ltd.

Education – M.A & PGDBM 
City – Varanasi
After having a successful stint in the corporate for 15 years, Abhishek engaged in deep self-enquiry and asked himself again as to where does his passion really lie. He started thinking that after such a long time how should he contribute to make a difference in society.
In his words, he says “I wanted to travel on the road which was once less travelled”.
He is thrilled with the multiplicity of work opportunities which the development sector is offering. He also feels that the sector will give him a chance for his self-growth along with the betterment of society. He says that the sector has the uniqueness to convert “unconsciousness ideas into conscious knowledge”.

By acquiring the requisite skills and knowledge needed in the development sector, he feels he would be able to contribute much more and impact many lives.

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