Gandhi Fellow

Education – B. Tech. (Biotechnology)
City – Pune
Vinod comes from an Army background and had an opportunity to live among different cultures, thus shaping his worldview about Unity in Diversity right from childhood. Although he took up engineering after school, but he knew in his heart that engineering is not his cup of tea. He started immersing himself in extracurricular activities, which had a major impact on his thought process. While volunteering at the college Health Club, he collected unused materials from the students and distributed to the needy people in an around Vellore. He realized that how such simple activities could generate maximum output just by utilizing minimal possible resources. 
As a Gandhi Fellow, he gained widespread knowledge and much needed experience at the grass root level. Working in Churu has opened up his mind to endless developmental possibilities ranging from primary education to women’s health. He spearheaded a public system project on the inclusion of sports into the curriculum of government schools that benefitted 150 students in Churu district. His dream is to work with the secondary school students and guide them in realizing one’s potential while giving them exposure and mentorship on confidence, public speaking and personality development.

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