Content Manager, RuralShores Skills Academy

Education – B.A. Sociology
City – Mumbai
Roshini did her degree in Sociology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and her interactions with the city and her academic curriculum have greatly shaped her ways of seeing, thinking and doing. The contrasting sights of sky-high buildings and large expanses of poverty stricken slums, have constantly made her question her privileges in contrast to those around her. Her engagements with several social initiatives have taught her that the basis for any form of good work is empathy, rigor, self-reliance, and an innovative and explorative attitude.
As a Gandhi Fellow (2012-14), she was given the opportunity to work with over 6 Headmasters, 65 teachers and 4 Beat Officers to improve the learning of over 4500 children. This experience affirmed her belief that systemic change is possible through creative, critical and strategic solutions. Further, as a Program Associate with Antarang Foundation, she worked with youth at risk at observation homes and night schools, to train them on career ready skills and connect them for employment opportunities. Engaging with over 1000 boys and girls from difficult backgrounds, and providing for their skill requirements was a challenging journey and forced her to push her boundaries. She has also worked with an international NGO Technoserve, in a multicultural team to train women entrepreneurs, college graduates and trainers.
Roshini is currently the Content Manager at Rural Shores Skills Academy, an enterprise for human development that enables upward socioeconomic mobility of under resourced youth and adolescents at risk.

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