Volunteer, Chhoti Si Asha

Education – B.Com. (Hons)
City – Ludhiana
For Akshay, a sense of purpose in whatsoever he takes up is of utmost importance. His experiences in recent years have additionally taught him the value of empowering individuals and communities. Akshay comes with a brilliant academic record and a lot of extracurricular achievements including Annual College Award for excellent contribution in the field of Fine Arts and Duke of Edinburgh Award for excellence in the field of academics and social responsibility. 

He understood the role of a community being indispensable to any impactful intervention through his work with Samaj Pragati Sahayog in Madhya Pradesh and Chhoti Si Asha, Chandigarh. His background in liberal studies from Ashoka University reinforced his ability to think both as a benefactor and a beneficiary. It helped him to think of solutions to problems by focusing most on the source they originate from. He has also worked with multinationals like KPMG and Zomato, where he learnt about professionalism and identified his style of work. His education has also instilled in him the values of discipline and self-motivation to give his best in whatever he does.

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