Sr. Engineer, Larsen & Turbo

Education – B.E. (Mechanical)
City – Visakhapatnam
Jijesh was a school leader throughout his high school and always considered nature to be his best teacher. His decision to pursue engineering helped him towards realization of his leadership potential and problem solving skills. His chance encounter with a young 15-year-old orphan who was begging on the streets of Surat, had a very deep impact on him and altered his dreams. It completely changed the way he looked at people and their problems. He decided to utilize his professional skills for the betterment of society and creating sustainable solutions for social issues. 
Jijesh feels that he understands the deep rooted social issues and has realized the need to address these challenges in a more systematic way. He aspires to address the social issues through sustainable solutions and bring happiness in the lives of others.

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