Deputy Manager, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Education – B. Tech. (Industrial Engineering)
City – Hyderabad
Kishore grew up watching his family helping people regularly in his village and this had a huge impact in the initial stages of his life and building up his commitment to work for social benefit. The transition from thoughts to action happened one day while paying in a government school’s ground where he witnessed the poor condition of the school and the children. He went to meet the headmaster then and there and came up with the idea of “Saturday School Programme” as part of which he and his friends started teaching basic moral and value education to the children of the school. This initiative ignited him to establish formally an NGO called ‘WECAN’, which was quite a challenging and eye-opening experience for him.
As part of the above programme, they worked very hard to convince the parents to attend the parent-teacher meetings which resulted in their 95% attendance which the headmaster had never witnessed in the past. He learned a valuable lesson that how a small act done properly goes a long way. His efforts were recognized in the form of “YUVA CHETANA NATIONAL AWARD” in 2016 for ‘Best Tangible Impact in social cause’.  He then played a pivotal role in organizing the first DAAN UTSAV in Visakhapatnam, not only the event was successful but they also accomplished inculcating the habit of helping others in everyone they met. With the funds received, they adopted more schools, developed the infrastructure of these schools, donated basic stationary and food plates to kids etc.

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