Strategic Initiatives, Pahal Welfare Society

Education – PGDM Voluntary Service Management
City - Mumbai
Sajit comes with 9 years of experience in the social sector and has spent a major portion of his time volunteering for NGOs especially in the areas of mental disability, school education, blindness & women empowerment. 
His first foray into the social sector was in the by lanes of Dharavi in Mumbai, where he realized that ' his privileged background meant nothing if he couldn't leverage it for the benefit of the underprivileged'. A different type of realization occurred when he did a project for AIDS Awareness among commercial sex workers in Mumbai. In interviewing the 73 sex workers (56 of them who were victims of girl trafficking), Sajit found that even in the most desolate landscape of humanity, the most fragrant of roses can bloom.
From 2015-16, he was responsible for mobilizing resources for an NGO working towards skill development. He has been part of & managed projects involving the training of 18,532 deprived youth across 17 states in India. Apart from that, he has successfully managed 6 Donors (4 of which were International Organizations), raised funds & conducted large scale employee engagement activities.
Sajit is currently the Director - Strategic Initiatives @ Pahal Welfare Society in Delhi & is supporting a few other NGOs in Ujjain & Mumbai so as to strengthen their operations & other activities.

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