Founder, Project Shiksha for Empowering Women

Education – B.A. (Business Economics)
City – Noida
Rishit was born in a small village of Farukkhabad district of Uttar Pradesh and studied in the village school for the first 10 years of his life, which made him realize the disparity amongst different socio-economic groups. He considers himself very lucky to be able to work in alignment with the values and things he believes in.
It was in June 2014, at the end of second year of his college, when he was supposed to go for corporate summer internship that he decided to pursue his inner calling and went back to his ancestral village to start something for the education and health of rural girls and women. He founded “Project Shiksha – Empowering Women”, purely driven by the urge to contribute to the welfare of others. He mobilized volunteers, locally and internationally, defined the roles and responsibilities for the team and led them successfully toward achieving their mission on ground.
He strongly believes in the power of people and has strong faith in humanity, after having witnessed the best of human qualities while working in remote areas, despite various struggles and challenges.

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