Intern, Center for Social Health & Justice

Education – B.A. (Hons. In Political Science)
City - Noida
Isha has completed her under graduation in Political Science from Gargi College, Delhi University. Throughout the 3-year course, she interned with various organizations such as Centre for Health and Social Justice, Jagori Grameen and Pravah.  These internships have allowed her to understand and question the patriarchal mindsets and attitudes which ensure that that road blocks are set up for women – particularly in relation to roles that call for decision and policy making. 
She is thus, passionate about women’s rights. She envisions a world where women are treated at par with men, at home and in the community and society at large, a world where their birth is as much a matter of joy as the boy child, where there are no differences in nutrition, health care and educational opportunities, and where economic independence and career growth are valued equally for both girls and boys. A positive step in this direction she believes would be engaging with men in this journey, as they are often left out of the dialogue and public discourse. She strongly feels that we need a growing movement and the partnership of men who acknowledge the persisting inequalities and who assume responsibility and stand up alongside women and who believe that women are in no way inferior to them.

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