Business Consultant

Education – MBA
City – Lucknow
Paribhasha comes from a corporate background majorly banking where she has worked for more than 7 years. Having a Business degree (MBA) from UK and getting opportunity to work with diverse mix of teams across UK and Asia provided her both global exposure and understanding of cultural multiplicity and diversity.
However, having a lucrative career in corporate didn’t provide her the sense of contentment that she was looking for as an individual. She was trying to find answers to the existential questions ‘Why am I here? ’and ‘The Path that I need to follow’ and there was this deep desire of adding value towards the greater purpose of human life. She quit her job and started travelling to explore the world and also rediscover her connection with herself and her true purpose in life.
Being involved in CSR activities, solo travels including voluntary activities to support Tibetan refugees, sharing skills and knowledge with students and supporting a girl child with her studies provided her the opportunity to understand organizations and the development opportunities closely. She found that the ability to directly influence and support in the direction of improvement and progression is extremely rewarding. In being part of the Development sector, she has discovered her aim in life which is to add value to the society and meaning to her own learning in life. 

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