Volunteer, Bhumi


Education – BE (E&TC)
City -Bhusawal (Maharashtra)
Development today is mostly seen by many as the GDP growth or the riches that one has. But Udita believes when we will able to distribute the resources of the country evenly, educate the uneducated lot, wipe off the gender disparities that exist in our country, eliminate caste based discrimination, acknowledge merit, only then we will be qualified to be called as Developed.
So, according to her, Development must traverse the route of social change, changing people’s perception across a wide range of issues. This can happen if we have professionals who are competent enough to carry out these tasks. 
Driven by a deep desire to serve the society as a long-term goal, she feels she is at the right time in her life to widen her ambit and put to use her untapped energy, vigor and the knowledge gained through these years and making an impact where it matters the most. This will also give her the sense of satisfaction of living a worthy life.

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