System Engineer, Infosys


Education – B.E. (ECE)
City – Chennai
Having spent his childhood in the outskirts of Chennai, covered with lush green trees and farm lands, Manikandan has witnessed what damage Urbanization did to his environment that he loved the most. Since then, he considered himself as an Environmental crusader and started volunteering in various campaigns taking place in his locality and at Marina beach. Having a penchant for social work, he was disappointed by the dormant NSS arm of his engineering college and he started contributing in his own way along with his friends to the local miniscule NGOs.
He was an earnest MBA aspirant a year ago, to work on his dream of becoming a "profit-seeking" Entrepreneur, which later transformed into a dream of becoming "change-seeking" Social entrepreneur to solve the key issues of urbanization and make the rural villages sustainable with rich environment. Volunteering experience at the Chennai Floods restoration work and the severe drought that TN was facing a few months ago were the factors that kindled him to get out of his consumeristic corporate lifestyle and to find the purpose of his life.

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