City Alumni Impact Lead, Teach for India

Education – B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
City – Secunderabad
The three things that Ravali values the most in her life are – awareness, growth and contribution. It was only after she joined AIESEC that she started to understand a lot more about how different teams function, how organizations are built and how people learn and grow. She facilitated close to 20 international internship experiences for young people in Hyderabad, contributing to almost 40% of the team’s tangible achievements. She was involved in many other activities but most importantly, she learnt the value of good leadership and its implications in any team or organization.
This journey of learning got further enhanced when she joined Teach for India after finishing college. She joined as an Intern with the Fellowship Recruitment team and there she started to understand the development space in depth. She spent time in various classrooms of under-resourced government and private schools & met people who are immensely passionate about solving the problem of educational equity in our country. She was exposed to various kinds of interventions that different organizations were conducting at different levels within the system. She was moved deeply by the vastness and complexity of the problems we face as a society which made her give up her aspirations of joining an MBA. She decided to dedicate herself fully to understand the problems of social injustice and inequity at a deeper level. Working with Teach for India, initially as an intern and then as a full-time member has pushed and challenged her thinking in ways she could have never imagined.

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