Sr. Manager, CanKids…KidsCan

Education – B.Com. (H), Delhi University 
City – New Delhi
Brijesh is a development sector professional in making with over 5 years of experience. He has a black belt in Seido juko Karate, is a diehard Whovian, a passionate photographer & a voracious foodie. 
Brijesh takes pride in being called a ‘Go to Person’. He found his love to serve with a 3-month internship at Navjyoti India Foundation under Dr. Kiran Bedi. He was also part of the founding batch for Lead the Change (Youth Alliance) after which he went to Mumbai as a Gandhi fellow and worked towards improving student learning outcome in 3 Marathi & 3 Urdu schools while simultaneously undergoing an intensive inner journey to lead a reflective lifestyle. 
Post fellowship, he joined CanKids...KidsCan – A national society for Change for Childhood Cancer in India. Brijesh spent over 2 years managing their fund-raising department with a budget of INR 10 Crores. He received the Best Newcomer Award in the organization and within the first year itself, got promoted to be the Senior Manager - Capacity Building and Volunteer Management. He designed, developed and coordinated various initiatives such as a Fellowship program for young cancer survivors, which has now taken on as an official project. 
Brijesh has also been a part of the 2015 & 16 Jagriti Yatra. 

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