Volunteer, SECMOL


Education – Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering
City – Surrey (U.K.)
Born in Mumbai before moving through Oman, Singapore and finally the UK, Shantanu has experienced many walks of life across a wide spectrum of different world cultures, and yet his heart never left India. After graduating with a Masters in Aerospace, he dabbled with tech, banking, private equity and consulting but found no real joy. So, he quit and left to spend 8 months travelling through India and South Africa.
While volunteering on sustainable development and education programs in rural Ladakhi communities and joining a marine research and conservation group in South Africa, he found a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that he hadn’t had in any previous roles. He strongly believes that real, lasting change is only reflected in society if it first appears within the individuals that make it up, and that an exploration of the self is indispensable to anyone working in the development space.  
He wants to study development problems from a holistic perspective to try and understand the interdependent, connected nature of many of these problems and the subtleties that lie beneath their surfaces.

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