Intern, Kaivalya Education Foundation

Education – M.A. (Peace & Conflict Studies)
City – Nagaland
Imdangjungla Jamir has an educational background in Peace and Conflict Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati, following which she was recruited into the Gandhi Fellowship working towards community development of rural parts in Uttarakhand. She has always had a strong belief for social development in India particularly in rural areas which need it the most. Being from Nagaland, she aspires to be a leader and driving force in development of her state and actively work towards the improvement of conflict zones and areas of unrest within Nagaland. 
She is motivated to work towards educational sector and aims to be a human rights activist. She has made several community visits and has volunteered with NGOs in Aman Panchayat in Jehanabad, Bihar and Peace Channel, Nagaland which acted as a catalyst in building her passion for grassroot development.

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