Fellow, Teach for India

Education – B.A. (Hons. in Political Science)
City – Gurgaon
Aalika has lived the phrase “do what you love, love what you do” since she’s been a young girl. 

An alumnus of The Vasant Valley School, New Delhi and subsequently a student of Political Science Honours at Lady Sri Ram College for Women, Aalika has a keen interest in exploring the development sector, and a personal ambition to spearhead social change, especially in the domains of public education, health and sanitation. She has always been a keen learner, a vibrant community member and a conscious and aware citizen. For the past so many years, she has been involved with various outreach activities, questioning the status quo and striving towards realizing a level playing field for each and every Indian.

Aalika just completed the two- year Teach for India Fellowship, wherein she taught 72 students in 2nd and 3rd grades, at a municipal school in Goregaon West, Mumbai. Having worked tirelessly, and seen first-hand the results that an excellent education coupled with a great degree of exposure, values and extra-curricular opportunities can have, she firmly believes it imperative to affect change at the larger system level simultaneously.

The reality of the accident of birth in India is what shocks her most. The odds of being a student, at a similar classroom as the one that she had the opportunity to teach at, through the Teach for India Fellowship, was just one of the many reasons she decided to enter the domain of social development.

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