Education - B. Tech. (Civil Engineering)
City - Bangalore
“Be the change you want to see”, are the words which Ashish truly believes in and follows. The best way to change things, according to him, is by being a part of them and getting involved. He started participating in the development initiatives from his college days itself and came across a host of issues faced by people, which influenced him to think of ways of solving them. As part of this process, he identified various reasons due to which people lack decent living standards – absence of formal education for children, lack of awareness among the masses and dearth of knowledge regarding government schemes, to just name a few. He also realized the importance of education in bringing about change in society and getting people out of poverty. These realities and facts bothered him a lot but also inspired him to work for providing better lives. He has always worked towards achieving this in every way possible for him – by participating in gender awareness programs, cleanliness drives and other environmental and social activities.

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