Associate, Ernst & Young

Education - B.A. (Hons. in Economics)
City – Forbesganj (Bihar)
Anupriya firmly believes in the quote “Be the Best Version of You” and for her, the best comes in serving the Humanity. She joined the corporate sector with TCS and later EY where she worked on a lot of social activities under CSR initiatives and also initiated a self-help group. She is one of the founder members of the website "" a platform created with a motive to bridge the gap between NGOs and local people.
Being an Economics graduate, she understands the social & economic upheavals, in particular the societal struggle which marginalized groups face and the urgency to deal with their problems. This understanding has transformed her attitude from being sympathetic to empathetic towards the less fortunate. She derives immense satisfaction by being a part of social initiatives and wants to take the leap in her career in this sector by gaining the necessary leadership abilities and skills.

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