Business Technology Consultant, ZS Associates

Education - B. Tech. (Computer Technology)
City – Nagpur
Nivedita comes with 9 years of experience in the Corporate sector. She worked as a Business Technology Consultant at ZS Associates. Her focus was on developing technology-based solutions for addressing business needs. She was involved closely in other initiatives of the firm and was taking lead in CSR activities too at ZS.

She also has a good exposure to the Development sector. She started volunteering at Pankhudi Foundation in Pune and considers this as a turning point in her life - “While we teach children about life, they teach you what life is all about”. For 10 years, she contributed to numerous activities such as teaching, organizing events, admissions, health camps, surveys, setting-up the library, community interactions and so on. She was selected for the Jagriti Yatra 2010 and met many leading practitioners from across the country. She has also visited several organizations/villages/tribal areas in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh to observe their work and grow from those experiences.

Her strong inclination to do meaningful work has brought her to the Development sector. She wants to utilize her professional skills to create an impact where it matters the most. She strongly believes in the quote from Mahatma Gandhi - “Be the change you want to see in the world “. And joining ISDM is her stepping stone towards following this path.

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