Education - B. E. (Computer Science)
City – Bellary
Mounica strongly believes in Amartya Sen’s idea of ‘development as freedom’. Her keen belief and passion for development led her to aspire to become a civil servant to serve the country from a “position of authority”.  The course of preparation for civil services has helped her to understand different issues related to different sections of the society and also the inter-connectedness between them. She also had the opportunity to participate in ‘Gramya Manthan’ – a rural immersion program organized by Youth Alliance in Pedamvali village near Ahmedabad. This experience made her realize a whole new leadership approach embedded with empathy and compassion.
She began to question her belief in necessity of power to change the society and in that quest, she found ISDM where she wishes to learn the nuances of inclusive and sustainable development for all.  She is keenly interested in handicrafts, handlooms and agriculture and would like to make some impact in these fields to conserve our culture and traditions and save them for future generations. Waste reduction, recycling and exploring renewable and sustainable products are her other passions through which she plays her role of an active and conscious citizen of the nation.

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