Research Trainee, Tribal Research Center

Education - B. E. (Production Engineering)
City – Chennai
Naveen has been really keen to work with disadvantaged groups across the globe. He has had the opportunity to be a part of and understand the vision, mission and ideas of various NGOs in Tamil Nadu, from an insider’s point of view. He has also had the opportunity to know about the lives and culture of various tribal groups living in the Nilgiris mountain range of India encompassing various communities of tribes from the borders of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. His research and analysis on the Tribal policies in India has driven his interest to delve deeper to work for the betterment of livelihood of the marginalized groups. 
He believes that developing a socially just society also involves a sense of personal responsibility to design and collaborate with others to continually work on human and social development. With his education at ISDM, he hopes to progress as a development practitioner working on sustainable and equitable development.

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