Project Manager, Urdhava Psychological Center

Education – L.L.B.
City – Mumbai
Janhavi believes that we must find ways to remain relevant, make our structures remain relevant for a very long time and ensure that we develop in a sustainable way and save our resources from burning out. She believes that we need to create an intrinsic, integrated and interactive model to have unique, self-sustaining and sustainable development. To make that happen, according to her there is need for dialogue and adopting from the culture of a place instead of replacing it with a new one.
Janhavi has practically learnt the above-mentioned things from her curricular and co-curricular experiences of living and travelling in various parts of the world. She has attended JOCA (Japanese Overseas Cooperative Association) Youth Exchange Program in 2012. She also went to Tianjin University of Technology, China for one semester under the Confucius Scholarship in the academic year 2013-14.  She also went to Harvard University as part of a delegation under South Asia Initiative. She was part of the 7th best client/counsel team at International Mediation Competition, NLIU Bhopal and attended a few Model United Nations.

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