Program Manager, The Prahlad Kakar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship

Education – M. Com.
City – Mumbai
Wyonna has always wanted to make a difference and bring about positive change in the lives of those who are disadvantaged and less fortunate. She believes that in the fact-paced world we are living today, it is important to be flexible, open-minded and prepared for change.
In 2014, she worked as a Social Sector Manager with AIESEC where she was required to recruit volunteers to work with NGOs in Mumbai. It was during this time, she realized that donations were just a small part, it was the time and effort & the empathy and care shared with others that mattered the most. She has also worked on various other social projects like Social Business Summit, conducted blood donation camps and helped farmers in Neral with construction and field work.
Over the last year, working as a Program Manager at an entrepreneurship school has helped her learn what it takes to be a leader and has set the foundation for her managerial skills.

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