Educational Qualification:
B.A in Sociology, Psychology and English, MCM DAV College, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Full-Time Work Experience: N/A

Previous Associated Organisation(s):
Agenda Head, Youth Speak Forum
Outgoing Exchange Facilitator, AIESEC

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s) :
Being an active core member of AIESEC, Abhijishya contributed to the global impact of the organisation. She did this by encouraging and facilitating youth of the city to take internships in a cross cultural environment for enhancing their leadership skills and unleashing their full potential. The role made her aware about the crucial need of the SDGs which led her to to believe that youth leadership is the fundamental solution to create an inclusive culture where people are valued. She also played a pivotal role in organising the Coca-Cola Youth Speak Forum which brought together thought leaders from different sectors to discuss about the pressing global issues and engaged 200+ young individuals from the city. The event polished her qualities to work in a team, learn, synthesize new ideas,and be well rounded and balanced.

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