Educational Qualification:
B.Sc. (Gen) Maths, Physics, Statistics, University of Calcutta

Full-Time Work Experience: 1 year 1 month

Previous Associated Organisation(s):
Assistant Teacher, Living Stones Academy Media
Volunteer, Sustainable Medical Mission

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s) :
Adarsh is a theatre artist and musician. He started performing when he was in college. He later organised programs for the Nepali community in Kolkata. Through his work, he was able to build networks and get a sense of his belongingness- which helped him build confidence to stand up for what he believes is his vision of a better society. As a student, he felt the need for teachers and educational institutions to be responsible for a child's development. His passion then took him to a space of teaching; which he uses to connect with youth who are struggling with drugs, emotional trauma and provide career guidance. During his work in The Assemblies of God as a program coordinator, he was able to impact about 100 youth in a span of one year.
These life learnings made him reflect on his need to immerse himself in his knowledge of how he can be more effective in helping people with various issues in a society.

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