Educational Qualification:
BSc Media and Communications, Erasmus University, The Netherlands

Full-Time Work Experience: N/A

Previous Associated Organisation(s):
Media Intern, Mobile Vaani
Intern, SolarPlaza

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s) :
Aiyanna is a recent graduate from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. His education was a significant life experience as it brought to light his strengths. His research-oriented bachelors degree was focused on understanding media systems in different countries and how they interact with social and civic life. He has also secured a minor from Leiden University, studying public administration and multi-level governance to couple his understanding on how communications play a role in public sector. His passion lies in leveraging media and communications in social systems to allow for accountability and transparency to be embedded into societal structures and institutions. His internship at Mobile Vaani in Delhi allowed him to bring different perspectives to the Indian context and understand on a practical lens on how media development affects society. Aiyanna is well travelled and his ability to situate himself in foreign environment with ease allows for him to conceptualize unique cultural and societal solutions easily.

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