Educational Qualification:
M.Com , Lovely Professional University 
PGD Business Administration,SCDL
Cost & Management Accountant

Full-Time Work Experience: 5 years

Previous Associated Organisation(s):
Vocational Trainer, Govt. Of NCT Delhi and Laqsh Job Skills Academy, Himgiri Public School
Accounts and Admin Head, Audit Officer, UBS and Company

Significant Life / Organisational Experience(s):
Ajay switched careers from an Audit Officer at UBS & Co. to work as a financial market management trainer in Govt. Boys School, Delhi. Teaching finance was a major challenge as it is a highly technical subject and he didn't want the students to perceive it as a burden and rote learn. Rather, he helped students see it as an opportunity to innovate, invent and understand from within, so that they can apply concepts in real life scenarios. Over a period of two years, he applied and implemented various techniques of teaching and learning like National Stock Exchange of India- Learn to Trade.
As a trainer, Ajay understood the importance of overall personality development and building a holistic outlook of his students. Inspired by that he played a key role as member of FMM Curriculum Committee while working closely with C.B.S.E and N.S.E.
Ajay also supported Program Management Unit (PMU), RMSA, Delhi to effectively design and implement the vocational education across 228 Schools in Delhi. He envisions to help create and execute value based projects with efficiency and respect for human value.

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