Educational Qualification:
M.A. in Social Work, Banaras Hindu University
B.A. Psychology (Hons.), Banaras Hindu University

Full-Time Work Experience: 4 years

Previous Associated Organisation(s):
Program Leader, Kaivalya Education Foundation
Gandhi Fellow, Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Ankita started her journey when she joined Gandhi Fellowship in Churu, Rajasthan and worked on several school and community projects. In two of them, she formed the Mother-Teacher Association where parents and teachers worked together for nurturing child environment and teaching them basic life skills. This project showed Ankita a very different side of her personality where she found herself mobilizing community stakeholders and creating a shared value among them.
Post the Gandhi Fellowship she joined the Kaivalya Education Foundation as Program Leader, where she coached a group of fellows in leading their Public System Projects which again provided her an opportunity to relive her passion of promoting life skills among students at different forums with different approaches. Apart from this, her role also included strategizing for improvement in classroom environment through building teachers' capacities in 30 intervention schools of block Bichhiwara. When she looks back at these experiences, she realizes how she has not only evolved in terms of skills, but also in terms of her attitude about the social sector and change as a whole.

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