Educational Qualification:
B.Sc. Chemistry, Nagpur University

Full-Time Work Experience: N/A

Previous Associated Organisation(s): 
President, UESI
Volunteer, Let Them Smile (ESAF) 
Volunteer, Rotary Club

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Coming from a family of social workers, ever since Anna was a child, most of her family discussions revolved around the development sector which built her interest in this field. She would have never known the need of the development sector until she had to shift to a village named Sironcha in Maharashtra, a place where people neither had access to good hospitals nor schools. After witnessing the situations of people there, Anna felt an urge to work for people who are in similar situations. At the age of 10, she volunteered in an initiative called 'Kids For Kids' where she got a platform to help the children in Jharkhand by providing them with books and clothes. This experience made her realize how small contributions can change the lives of kids there.
During Anna's graduation, she volunteered in the cleanup campaign conducted annually by the Rotary Club. Also, she was the president of the Inter-Collegiate Evangelical Union which organised career guidance classes and retreats to help make youngsters aware of drug and alcohol addiction.

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