Educational Qualification:
B.Sc Agricultural Science. Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU

Full-Time Work Experience: 2 years 7 months

Previous Associated Organisation(s): 
Project Executive, PRADAN

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
A conscious choice to work towards the upliftment of Indian agrarian society led Shrija to the Institute of Agriculture Sciences, BHU. To put the final touch to her education in rural development, she accepted an offer from PRADAN known for its pioneering work in the livelihood sector. Her role as a Project Executive took her to far-flung villages of Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh where her experience included working in tribal villages on the execution of National Rural Livelihood Mission, working with 8000+ women around livelihood, water and sanitation, gender, health, education and rights and entitlements through SHGs. Her work also included developing trainers from the community for service delivery and she developed awareness programmes around financial inclusion and bank services.She was involved in working with various projects like TRI, IKEA,WRI, NRLM (JSLPS) and was recently engaged with BMGF and Axis Bank Foundation's projects.She managed and monitored the work of the stakeholders like PHRN, KVK (Sidhi), ATMA (Sidhi), SRLM MP Government.
Her experience led to the realization that improvement in livelihood options can't alone change the status of a person, we need positive interventions from multidimensional spheres in order to foster wholesome development.

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