Educational Qualification(s):
B.S.L.LL.B, Fergusson College, University of Pune

Full-Time Work Experience: 7 years

Previously Associated Organisation(s):
Early Team Member, Udhyam Learning Foundation
Principal Men’s Gurukul, The Nudge Foundation
Lawyer - Supreme Court of India, Link Legal

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Deepti is a criminal lawyer and was involved in counseling and mediation. Her journey in the Social sector started during her days at law college when she started working for rehabilitation of rape victims. She led the first disinvestment in India of Neyveli Lignite Limited.
She was principal for the Men’s Gurukul at The Nudge Foundation and was involved in training and overlooking operations. She has worked in Districts of Mirzapur and Sonbhadra, UP for rehabilitation of unemployed youth in collaboration with the State Government. She has worked with grassroot entrepreneurs during her stint with Udhyam Learning Foundation in Bangalore.
She was thrust into a journey of self discovery when she moved away from her hometown to study law. She pursued it with vigor and her discoveries of self are the source of her infinite strength. She believes that the world needs more healers than lawyers.

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