Education Qualification(s):
B. Com (Hons), Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi

Full-time Work Experience: 3 years

Previous Associated Organisation(s):
Recruitment Lead, Teach For India
Fellow, Teach For India
Training Intern, Directorate of School Education, Kashmir

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
For Devashish, it was a conscious decision to be part of the development sector as he wished to discover more about himself through experiential learning, and the sector provided him some of the best lessons about human potential and values. During his Fellowship, Devashish interned with the Directorate of School Education, Kashmir where he, with the team, formulated and executed training for 120 local teachers and worked with a government school on setting structures and processes. The experience inspired him to work on projects like School Transformation and Building Entrepreneurial Skills for Tomorrow, as a part of helping his primary grade students reach their full potential. As he worked with multiple stakeholders in a child’s education, he gained clarity on his inclination to catalyse change at an individual level.

He continued his journey as a Recruitment Lead where he strategized and represented Teach For India to 4500+ audience. Through his experience of working with primary grade students and adults, he sees himself on a path to inform, invest and inspire change among individuals and communities. To be able to create processes and systems with mutual respect, acceptance, responsibility and accountability excites him.

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