Educational Qualification:
B.Sc., Kirori Mal college, University of Delhi

Full Time Work Experience - NA

Previously associated organisations:
Volunteer, Savitric Solutions
Volunteer, International citizens services- Pravah
Intern, SoS Children’s Village

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Digvijay was born and brought up in village Hisawada of UP where he got acquainted with the social problems then and now around him. His interest to work for the community came from his father and concretized with the books he read, He is an avid reader with an orientation for Gandhi and his philosophy.
He believes that the world is moving away from individual ideas to the collaborative initiative. In such an increasingly connected world, isolated people tend to lose out value addition provided by the other individuals who-who may have a different but better perspective. With this Idea in mind, he started working with different social organizations, throughout his graduation he worked extensively in rural with National and Internationals fellow change makers. Some experiences like ICS-Pravah, SoS Village, Savitik, Saviours, etc. made him an empathetic fellow human being who can work anywhere with people being considerate of the sensitivities of the members of the community.

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