Education Qualifications:
B.Sc., University of Rajasthan
M.Sc. Biotechnology, Calicut University,
Certificate in Development Management, IIM Udaipur

Full Time Work Experience: 5 years and 11 months

Previously Associated Organisations:
Program Leader - Kaivalya Education Foundation
Manager - Indian School of Leadership Institute
Research Assistant – VBERC 

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Hanif started his steps towards the development sector in 2007 when he taught kids in the tribal belt of South Rajasthan, and it gave him the vision to serve for the betterment of people. In 2012, he started his professional journey by working with different state governments on curriculum development for children and teachers where he also conducted teachers training. He then worked as Program leader and mentored 7 Gandhi Fellows in Rajasthan. He has immense interest in making mathematics joyful, interesting and interactive. To pursue his love for mathematics, he worked with Jodo Gyan on lots of strategies about teaching and learning mathematics. He also worked with ISLI for two years as Manager and worked with school principals on their leadership development. Before joining ISDM, he worked as Program Coordinator for Education Quality Foundation of India. His work experiences have given Hanif resilience power to overcome any situation while working.

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