Education Qualification:
B.E. (CSE), Thapar University

Full-time work experience: 3 years

Previous Organisations Associated with:
Founder, Oorjaa Sustainable Solutions LLP
Trainee, SPAN Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Volunteer, Teach A Child

Significant life, Organisational experience(s)
Four years ago, Karn was introduced to the social sector when he started volunteering at an NGO called Teach A Child in Chandigarh. His experience at TAC redefined his outlook on life and led him to start a social enterprise with the vision of enabling a collaborative and interdependent social sector. The passion to work on something of his own, and the drive to make the lives of his fellow beings easier, inspired the inception of Oorjaa.  Oorjaa is committed to providing assistance to not-for-profits that aspire to aid those of us who are deprived. The requirement of handling supply-chain operations to building crucial strategies for the social enterprise, allowed Karn to develop a wide range of skill sets. Currently, as part of a PAN India CSR project, Oorjaa provides nutritional meals to 690 children daily. Also, it enables a convenient way for fulfilling the resource requirements of not-for-profits.

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