Education Qualification:
B.Sc., IIS University

Full-time work experience: N/A

Previously Associated Organisations:
Trainer & Intern, Bodhi Tree Foundation

Significant life, Organisational Experience(s)
Komal comes from a family of educators. Since an early age, she felt quite unsettled by the disparity in the quality of education being provided at Government schools and other private institutions. Komal’s belief that each and every child has the right to receive a quality education, nudged her to explore the social sector.

At Bodhi Tree Foundation, in remote villages of Tamil Nadu, she embarked on her journey in the sector. Here, she imparted communication skills and aptitude lessons to High School students. Also, her team organized a 5 day residency programme for the children of sanitation workers working in the district. Practitioners across various sectors were invited to assist students to explore various career opportunities, and she also conducted workshops to build their life skills.

Komal’s beliefs, as well as her passion towards the social sector,  strengthened by the experiences she shared with Anitha, a student of hers at BTF. Hailing from a remote village of Tamil Nadu, Anitha with the help of BTF, uplifted herself from a life of hardships to a life of opportunities. Thus Komal felt that a person feels empowered when they empower the people around them.

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