Education Qualification:
BCA, M.HRD, MS University

Full-time Work Experience: 3 years 6 months

Previous organisations Associated with:
Program Manager, Bodhi Tree Foundation

Significant life, organisational experience(s):
Padma is a first-generation graduate and has thus inspired many other girls from her village. She belongs to a place where girls hardly have any scope to participate in decision making. Through her work, she aspires to build the strength of rural youth.. While working with Bodhi Tree Foundation for three and a half years, Padma conducted many workshops and residential programs for college students. During her experience in stakeholder engagement, she worked with different Panchayats to bridge the gap between urban and rural youth.

Padma has helped Bodhi Tree Foundation in its initial years of emergence to grow. Being a Jagriti Yatri, she got exposed to the social sector and met many role models. She understood her motivation to work for society and started facing a lot of struggle, thus her resilience has empowered many including herself.

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